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31) Jo Anne Eggleston 
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1-12-2018 16:05 Write a comment

Upon stumbling across (on horseback) an old civil war iron furnace, my fiance and I have been seeking out other furnaces to explore in the Cherokee and Bartow County areas. So far we have been to 4 of them. Today I decided to do some more research and came across your site. Your pictures are beautiful and your research obviously extensive. We hope you will be open to an occasional question or two to help us locate more historical sites. We are also very interested in the Native American history you have shared. Thanks so much for sharing!

Bruce 1-12-2018 20:25
Jo Anne, Thanks for the comments! If you have questions, just ask away, either via email or through this page. - Bruce
30) Edwina Bringle 
Penland, NC
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12-21-2017 08:18 Write a comment

Did you take pictures at Penland School many years past. Am remembering the original Dye shed in particular.

Bruce 12-21-2017 21:55
Edwina, I sent you an email. -Bruce
29) Dan Barron 
Bakersville, NC
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12-20-2017 12:14 Write a comment

Found your beautiful pics of the Old Master's Mill in Loafers Glory NC. I have several from many years back to the present, but not ones as beautiful. I would like to use one of yours in a local news article on the first electric generator which was powered by this mill. Plan to use an older one that shows the dam in place before the flood and yours if possible. Thanks Dan

Bruce 12-20-2017 13:29
Dan, Sent you an email. - Bruce
28) Danny Pelfrey 
Adairsville, GA
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12-12-2017 09:31 Write a comment

I am doing an article for "Georgia Backroads" about Spring Bank Plantation and would like to get permission to use the photo of the conductors picnic in 1887. It would make a real contribution to the article.
Danny Pelfrey

Bruce 12-12-2017 13:23
Danny, I sent you an email. - Bruce
27) Joan Hair 
Sandy Springs, GA
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12-2-2017 19:51 Write a comment

I went over to Lefler Mill at Life University this afternoon. I really appreciated your images before going, but even more so now, if that is possible. It was a little late in the season to get the great colors, and a little late in the afternoon, given that they were closing the parking lot at four because of a game, and one could not get in or out between 4 and 6, so I had to hustle. I'm curious to know if you recall what year you were there and if you were wearing waders wink (o: Or maybe there is a path going down on the other side of the creek that I missed in my haste. Despite it all, though, I got some nice images that will be even better after some PP, but they pale in comparison to yours. It was impossible to get shots that weren't obscured by trees, without wading far into the creek, or somehow getting on the other side of the dam, still, all in all, it was well worth the effort. I know I will go back, especially if you can tell me how to get on other side, now that I am more familiar with the lay of the land. Again, thanks for your site . . . I love your images!

Bruce 12-3-2017 20:22
Joan, I'll get back to you via email. -Bruce
26) Joan Hair 
Sandy Springs
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11-30-2017 18:12 Write a comment

Thank you for your page on old grist mills, and the excellent images. I have seen and photographed only 2 or 3 of these, but will make it a point to see some of the others.


Bruce 11-30-2017 22:11
Joan, thanks for the comments! - Bruce
25) Stephen Harrell 
Marietta GA
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11-3-2017 15:30 Write a comment


I'm interested in buying 3 high-resolution prints of the Old Paper Mill Ruins from your website. I still need to pick which 3 but wanted to check on how much you charge per picture.

Thanks - SDH

Bruce 11-6-2017 16:12
Stephen, See my email to you. -Bruce
24) Tony 
LaFayette, Ga
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10-27-2017 19:31 Write a comment

Could you tell me where you took the ore loading shuts pictures in Estelle Mining Co. My Great Grandfather Willam Watts is the one who built the forms for these concrete structures?

Bruce 10-28-2017 13:19
Tony, I will email you. -Bruce
23) Michele Kreiss 
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8-7-2017 09:39 Write a comment

Good morning
In 2007 you took some wonderful photos at at lodge in North Carolina. In the photos there are frog sculptures. We are trying to locate the artist who made those. We have a piece from that artist we purchased many years ago that needs repair and lost the artist's info. Do you have any additional info on those frogs or how to contact the property where you took the photos?

Bruce 8-7-2017 10:24
Michele, thanks for the compliment and the follow-up email. Glad that you found the artist! -Bruce
22) Tommy 
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7-17-2017 13:03 Write a comment

First, let me say you have a wonderful site. I've been to many of the same places you've visited.
I've been recording rock art sites in Georgia for many years, including giving presentations at the Archaeological Society of America, the Southeastern Archaeological Society, the Society for Georgia Archaeology, the Greater Atlanta Archaeological Society, and numerous historical societies. I now have over 300 petroglyph, pictograph, and stone pile sites recorded.
I knew John Sissell (retired in 2005) who was the park ranger at Kennesaw Mountain for 12 years. He showed me numerous sites around the area that he believed are prehistoric. The site you show with the soapstone bowl stem and the cupule was on our list, but we never quite made it there. I would really appreciate letting me know where that site is located. Of course, I can also help you with any sites you are looking for. I have a map I can send you of North Georgia, with site info you might find interesting.
Thanks so much for your time.
Tommy Hudson

Bruce 7-17-2017 16:42
Hi Tommy, Thanks for the comments about our website. I will send you an email in the next day or two. - Bruce
21) Brandon westerman 
Powder springs georgia
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2-14-2017 20:30 Write a comment

Hey Bruce sorry to bother you again but I am really interested in the furnaces you have found. I would really like to find and take some pictures for my collection. Thank you!

Bruce 7-17-2017 16:48
Brandon, I sent you an email. - Cheers, Bruce
20) Bernie Boyer 
Johns Creek, Georgia
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1-2-2017 14:02 Write a comment

Thank you for your recent comments on my Smugmug site. You are correct about the bushwhack up the Left Fork of the Soquee! Particularly, during the foliage "season". There is a lot more above the second waterfall but I have never gotten up there.
Take a look at my hike to the Chinquapin Branch. Very isolated but not nearly as much underbrush.
I looked at your photos and, as always, you are an artist in capturing the scene. So far, I have managed to maintain my independence from Facebook. All my waterfall friends in NC have accounts so they keep me informed of stuff I might be interested (in).
Congratulations on your new home in the mountains! I know you will treasure every day; as we did. However, you do have to watch out for the traffic jams around Ingles on Friday afternoons!

PS: I talked to the lady at "Mark of The Potter about pronunciation of Soquee. She said it was "So-qwee". Long 'o' and long 'e' with emphasis on the last syllable. Even local people often disagree on pronunciation?
19) Frank 
Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania
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8-19-2016 18:34 Write a comment

Hi, first passion is rock and mineral collecting...see my page on the MinDat website.

Second passion is locating the old stone iron furnaces in western Pa. ....see my article #22.

Through the 1700's and into the 1800's iron production here was staggering. At one time Pa. lead the USA in iron production. Many many many old stone furnace remains are scattered about in all stages of decay. Some of the furnaces are in preservation parks. Others are in the wild, lost and forgotten to history. Some are so overgrown standing next to one you can not see the rock or workmanship that went in to it's construction. It makes you wonder why a furnace was built where it was.....in the middle of no-where.

You have photographed some of the furnace remains of Georgia.

My reason for contacting you:

Planning next years trip......you guessed it....to Georgia. Want to pan for gold in the northern part of the state up around Helen and Dohlonega and to visit Graves Mountain for rock collecting.

When on collecting trips (I am a private collector, not a dealer nor do I sell specimens) I try to locate info for any iron furnaces where I may be. Have a beautiful photo collection of these old timers.

Would you be able to give me directions to the furnaces you photographed, GPS coordinates are even better? The Internet is lacking the info I seek.

Had to shorten my message.

Would you reply for a chat?

Thank you


Bruce 8-19-2016 22:35
Hi Frank, Thanks for the comments. I sent you an email and will get back to you with more details soon.
18) Laura Wood 
Rome, Ga
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8-2-2016 14:06 Write a comment

I publish a premium lifestyle magazine called NW Georgia Living. In our Fall issue, we have a featured adventure article about Crockford-Pigeon Mountain and I ran across some of your amazing photos. We would love to publish some like your Champagne Glass and Ellison's Cave Blue Hole. Would you send me an email?


Bruce 8-2-2016 23:27
Thanks Laura, I sent you an email...
17) Trent Clayton 
Atlanta, GA
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7-26-2016 21:00 Write a comment

I'm with the Peach State Archaeological Society. I am researching Soapstone Ridge and stumbled across your website. I would like to visit one of the many quarry locales but not sure where they are located. Any help would be appreciated. I enjoy your photography.

-Trent Clayton
contacttrentclayton (at) gmail.com

Bruce 7-26-2016 23:16
Hi Trent, I'll send you an email tomorrow.
16) Jeffrey Wright 
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7-2-2016 07:59 Write a comment

I came across the photos of the Polk Slate Quarry Railroad photos. I know of two other sites in the area that has remnants of the road, one is about to be destroyed by development.
Could you contact me, I would like to know where the stone culvert is located and if you would be willing to photograph for posterity, the site about to be destroyed.

Bruce 7-3-2016 19:34
Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the input! I sent you an email.
15) Bernie Boyer 
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6-25-2016 20:59 Write a comment

Thank you for taking a look at my Smugmug site. As you can tell, my passion is waterfalls; particularly off trail or undocumented. For me, photography is still a hobby and I consider myself a "documentarian". If I get there, I shoot it. Sometimes I get lucky and get a good photo. I recently moved to Johns Creek, near Atlanta, from North Carolina and am still finding my way around the ridges and gaps in Georgia. I notice your new home in the mountains is nearing completion. My wife and I had a home at 3400 feet near Lake Toxaway in Transylvania County NC for 14 years so we know how excited you must be.

Bruce 6-25-2016 23:59
Hi Bernie, and thanks for the comments! I have often seen your name over the years in books, magazines, and online, and recognized you as a legend in the world of waterfall explorations. I too consider myself foremost a documentarian, as our website initially blossomed from my love of exploring for old ruins, iron furnaces & kilns, and other local historical subjects. I have just begun to peruse your website, and am finding your waterfall hike info to be a tremendous resource for future hikes. It looks like we're moving in opposite directions - while we love our current home, we have dealt with the population and traffic here for our entire adult lives and it's time to get away.
14) Lee Star 
Atlanta, GA
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4-24-2016 00:30 Write a comment

I found your great site by accident when I was searching to find out what the ruins we came across were. Pretty sure it was the remains of the Howard Cement Company Kiln. It's not overgrown anymore, looks like they've been clearing the land. I hope they won't tear down the rest of it! We talked to the owners of the private property next to it, and even they didn't know what it was. Very neat.

Bruce 4-24-2016 22:31
Thanks Leah! I had heard that the site was under new ownership and that they had cleared around the ruins. Back a few years ago, the Society for Georgia Archaeology had met with the former owner and Bartow historian JB Tate about clearing it, but nothing ever came of it. What a difference in your FB pic! I never would have recognized the place!
13) nathan evans 
woodstock ga
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4-7-2016 09:42 Write a comment

Hi. I just wanted to alert you that there is a furnace up Shoal Creek which is on the Etowah River just north of Lake Allatoona. Specifically it is a little over a mile up Shoal Creek on the lefthand side as you go upriver. Shoal Creek is about 2 miles north of the Highway 20 bridge on the left. I have pictures i can email, and a screen shot of the GPS location. One side is partially collapsed and the 2 pipes are visible, but you can walk in the middle and the inside is perfect, also no visible mortar or cement.

I didn't see it on your pages but may have missed it.

Bruce 4-7-2016 15:41
Nathan, that sounds like the Donaldson Furnace. I have been there; the page URL is: http://www.be-roberts.com/se/ruins/donal/donal.htm .
Thanks for thinking of me! Let me know of any other places you come across; I know there are more I haven't seen. The commenter before you mentioned a potential one, but he never responded to my email reply.
12) Brandon 
woodstock, ga
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3-16-2016 22:57 Write a comment

Thank you for sharing all your photos and information on the many historic sites in our area that are sadly disappearing by the day. I want to suggest to you a possible new historical site that you may find of interest... In canton, in the new neighborhood "Bridge Mill" there is a wooded area back there that holds an extremely old stone base of an undoubtedly antebellum structure.

Bruce 3-17-2016 15:24
Thanks Brandon! I sent you an email...
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